Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Best Construction Fence Signage 3D Renderings in NYC

The City of New York has requirements for signage in construction's fences. The purpose of these signs is to improve the appearance of job sites and to provide relevant information to the community in a uniform consolidated sign. These signs have color, font, material, and size requirements. They must be legible, securely attached, and free of sharp edges, protruding nails, or similar hazards at all times. The information that must be in these signs is:
  • A rendering of the building exterior that doesn't contain logos or commercially recognizable symbols. 
  • A title specifying "work in progress" as well as the occupancy. 
  • Anticipated project completion date. 
  • The corporate name and telephone number of the general contractor, or for a demolition site, the demolition contractor. 
  • The statement, in both English and Spanish, "To anonymously report unsafe condition at this work site, call 311".
  •  A copy of the primary project permit, with accompanying text "To see other permits issued of this property, visit  

3D World Renderings can provide you with the necessary imagery, graphics, and 3d rendering to comply with these requirements. The renderings of your building will be so realistic that it will be hard to distinguish them from actual pictures.

The reason you want such a good image in your sign is that people walk by it and you want to catch their attention as you never know when a prospective buyer may stumble upon your sign. A beautiful render can have people say "Wow, this will be a marvelous building" and that can invite them to look further information about it and even request a meeting to invest in your construction.

Also, a beautiful render can help members of the community visualize a building that will embellish their street and increase the capital gain of the area, thus reducing friction caused by the noises and additional traffic that come with construction. We want to talk to you about how 3D World Renderings can help you create a great image for your fence sign. Please schedule your meeting so that one of our senior designers can reach to you within a business day.  We look forward to working with you.

Walk Through or Fly Through any place with our 3D Animations

3D animation's history is longer than you think, it was in the fifties when the first experiments appeared. Before computers, people made figures of clay and photographed them. When pasted all the pictures together and they resulted in an animated film.

Claymation, as it was known, is beautiful but time-consuming; it takes hours or even days to shoot a few minutes of motion. Then, computers were invented, and realistic human shapes appeared in the '70s. In the '90s iconic 3D animations such as Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park made their way through Hollywood. Today, we watch these movies, and we can distinguish animated parts, but back then it was a boom.

Then, Pixar introduced 100% animated features like Toy Story, the first full-length animated feature. 3D animation was expensive back then, and not accessible for everyone.

We have come a long way from those days. Now in 2019, 3D animation is everywhere, and not only that, but it is also incredibly detail-oriented. Back in the '90s, one could only dream of things like realistic hair or water. Now, not only we can get a realistic look, sometimes it is hard to distinguish animations from the real thing.

Also, the animation is not only reserved for the film industry anymore. The advertising industry has benefited itself from this technique. Currently, it is cheaper and more appealing than live-action -term used to refer to conventional productions with real people and environments. This boom has reached the real estate industry, providing an alternative to conventional media such as newspaper listings, brochures, and investor meetings among others.

3D World Renderings is a design studio that specializes in creating amazing 3D animations in New York City. We can animate pretty much anything, fully-built spaces and even those yet unbuilt. We can also animate products. Our work has been on TV internationally and on the screens of private presentations. We have a creative and experienced staff from various disciplines such as 3D animation, graphics, and video effects.

In 3D World Renderings we can help you create an astonishing 360º fully animated tour of your project to impress investors and prospective buyers, and we assure you great success. Let's talk more about it, schedule a meeting through our website and one of our senior designers will get back to you within a business day to discuss how we can make an addition to your project.

The Best Motion Graphics for Real Estate in New York

Motion graphics help you connect with people. Motion graphics is how we define an animated video, whether is 3D, 2D or gifs. They may include sound effects, music, voiceover, among many others. Motion graphics can also incorporate 360º video, virtual reality, augmented reality, and they are a unique way of communicating.

A good strategy combines various media like infographics, e-books, articles and more. Motion graphics play an important role because people prefer to watch videos. Social media are a good example of people's preference for videos. There are plenty of applications for motion graphics such as:
  • Traditional TV ads, commercials with local and national coverage. 
  • Promo videos, viral videos, product reviews, anything to help you promote your brand, your real estate development, and almost anything you want.
  • Explainer videos, such as tutorials.
  • Sales collateral, your sales pitch in a video.  
3D World Renderings specializes itself in this type of animations for the real estate industry where it has many applications. One of these applications is the signage in the construction's fence that by New York City law must contain a render of the work underway in that land. Another application is to render the project before it is built to attract investors for the construction, this render can be a 360º video to help people walk through the building using VR goggles. 3D Real Estate videos are the best!

Walking through a building is the best way to fall in love with it. This kind of experience is stronger than any brochure. Later you can use the video as a sales tool.

In 3D World Renderings we can help you produce a realistic tour to promote your project. Schedule a meeting today and talk to one of our senior designers to find a solution to your needs.

The Most Realistic 3D Animation for real estate investors

The real estate industry is a very competitive one. Projects must stand out to capture the attention of investors and buyers. Brochures, listings in printed publications, and other printed media are in the past.

We are living in the future you watched in movies when you were a kid. Everything is either digital or aiming to become digital. The real estate industry is not the exception. In the past, you'd have the blueprints of a project and an executive presentation, and you had to visit each client separately. This required you to dedicate time for this task but also meant you had to be able to talk in front of people to sell your idea.

The process also included multiple visits to the unbuilt site to help the investors imagine the finished building. Those days are behind us as you can now show them your idea, even if it is yet unbuilt. Early 3D imaging technology wasn't realistic, but now you can't tell the difference between 3D virtual reality and actual video.

The new way to sell your developments is to animate them. Think of it as a way of pre-building something but without the many resources involved in actual construction. 3D World Renderings can animate pretty much anything, from real estate to products. But for your development, 3D Real Estate virtual tours are a great tool. 3D virtual tours can be viewable in screens, or VR goggles.  Approach us, let us work with you, we can find the best solution to design a killer tour for your development.

There are more things we can help you create, for example, we can make all the interior design of the property if you haven't thought of it. We have a great design team with abilities for colors, decorations, and more. We are a very creative team so talk to us and we'll find a way to accommodate your needs.

Why hire 3D World Renderings? Because we are specialists in creating amazing animations for everything related to real estate and architecture. We are members of The American Institute of Architects an organization dedicated to promoting the profession of architecture with over 90,000 members worldwide, so we have broad experience working with architecture firms.

We are very committed to delivering the renders our clients need, to help them promote and sell their developments or to help them secure the investments they need to build them.

Have You Seen our Awesome 360º Renders for Real Estate?

When purchasing a property, the best way to fall in love with it is to visit it and to imagine all the possibilities that we have to make it our very own place. But how do you sell a property that is not built yet?

Maybe as a developer, you own a piece of land or an old property in which you would like to build something but don't have the money to do it.

How do you convey your vision to possible investors? Perhaps you could use drawings, however, they may be difficult to understand for the average person, or hard to imagine walking through it. A drawing is an abstract representation. It doesn't have the amount of detail we can find in a photograph.

Photography seems like the best option to keep a record of construction, but it isn't useful to attract investors, they want to see the finished product, but their investment is necessary to complete it. It is a vicious circle.

The solution to this problem is to make 3D renderings from the project specifications. 3D renderings are a combination of different techniques such as computer graphics, photography, and design to create hyperrealistic images that help sell the vision of the architect. 3D rendering is the latest trend, specially 360º virtual reality tours that allow the user to walk inside a building that doesn't exist yet but of which they could be part of with their investment.

3D World Renderings is the clear choice when it comes to creating beautiful tours of your dream project. We assure you'll get a better response from investors with 3D virtual tours than just showing them blueprints or abstract drawings.

360º virtual tours have other benefits, they also save time. Showing a property or visiting the land where construction will start is time-consuming; hundreds of people can visit your virtual tour in an hour instead of scheduling appointments with each one. The same applies to international buyers and investors who want a sneak peek into your project.

We can state that 360º virtual tours are a revolution in the real estate industry and this is why you should be part of it if you are an architect, a developer or even a real estate agent. You might think that this kind of technology is crazy expensive, but you might be surprised. Don't be afraid to contact us to tell us more about your project. We can find many ways to collaborate within your budget.

Amazing Residential 3D Rendering in New York

Architecture is a beautiful profession. It allows those who practice it to imagine and materialize great ideas in the form of buildings. When an architect creates a project, saving imagery of it is a good idea.

Photography is the logical choice when saving a record of a construction site. However, 3D renderings are a much more attractive option to create beautiful portfolios of your work. Also, renders can have a lot better quality.

3D rendering combines various techniques such as photography, computer-generated graphics, and illustrations, among others to create mesmerizing pictures of your projects. 3D World Renderings is a design studio in New York City that specializes in 3D rendering, Virtual reality, real estate video, 3D animation & VFX, and consulting in private projects.

In 3D World Renderings we can help you to materialize your vision. Whether you are a real estate company looking to illustrate brochures, a website, or if you are an individual building a portfolio, we are your best choice.

We have broad experience working with architects and real estate developers. We are members of The American Institute of Architects, an organization dedicated to promoting architecture with over 90,000 members worldwide. In 3D World Renderings we take care of every small detail in our work, from lighting to every single object that appears in our renders.

Our imagery is the best way to promote your residential project in New York City. Your prospective clients will be able to visualize the spaces and even the interior design you propose, in order to get the best value from the property.

If you haven't thought about interior design, we can bring our creativity to the table and advise you on what fits your project best. Our creative team is visionary by nature, and our mission is to deliver what your project needs. We look forward to meeting you. So what are you waiting for to schedule a meeting with one of our senior designers and allow us to work together in finding the right solution for your project.

Real Hotel or Render? You can’t even tell the Difference

New York City has one of the best nightlife in the world. Bars, restaurants, cultural venues, hotels and myriad other possibilities that make the identity of one of the most important cities in the United States. These venues are an excellent business opportunity in NYC and are the developer's favorites. This kind of project requires a proper presentation, both for government procedures and to attract investors.

A vital item in the presentation is a series of renders that allow visualizing the outcome of the project. In the past, developers used drawings, but they are difficult to understand for most of the people. Now, technology allows creating extremely accurate 3D rendering that is hard to tell from photographs and conveys the vision of the architect more clearly than ever before.

Investors like this type of imaging as it helps them visualize the projects they will be participating in, so acquiring this renders is a smart investment. In 3D World Renderings, we are experts in creating impressive and realistic renders of your architectonic projects.

We know New York City, we know its vibrant nightlife and the magnificent entertainment options it has, and how to make your renders appealing to customers.

3D World Renderings is a design studio based in New York, we are members of The American Institute of Architects. We have expertise in imagery creation, and using various techniques, we deliver pictures that are really hard to differentiate from photographs. The quality of our images allows people to visualize entire developments before they are constructed. Can you imagine that? Visualizing projects that are yet unbuilt?

3D World Renderings is the right choice to make the renders of your restaurant, bar, hotel, and any other hospitality venue you want to develop. Also, if you haven't decided on the interior design, allow us to bring our creativity to the table, we can bring your vision to life. Schedule a meeting today, and one of our senior designers will contact you to offer creative solutions to enrich your project. Let’s work together!

The Best 3D Rendering for Retail and Commercial Stores

If you are about to build a commercial complex, you should consider hiring a design studio to create 3D renders of your project, you can’t just draw or do complicated models of your idea. As an architect, you should be innovative and modern.

We are 3D World Renderings, a New York-based design studio that specializes in the renderings industry for all kind of projects. We combine different techniques and technologies to create images that are as good as reality itself or even better.

We are members of the American Institute of Architects, an organization dedicated to promoting the profession of architecture and which has over 90,000 members worldwide. This membership certifies that we have the expertise to handle architectural renders since we meet all industry standards and more. The quality of our work is outstanding! Our studio takes part in a variety of projects for different purposes: Hospitality, residential, commercial and even product design.

In this article, we will refer to the commercial renders we craft as part of our business.

We make renders of commercial developments, such as retail stores, shopping malls, office spaces, boutiques, and any kind of establishment for business.

We solve representation issues effectively by using imagery skills that stand out of the crowd in an amazing way. If you haven't planned the interior design, we can incorporate it into our proposal and contribute with our creativity in any step of the way. We’ve got knowledge and abilities for interior design, to make any place look beautiful.

If you want to see our work, please visit our website where you can find many of our projects, or you can contact us and we will you show even more of our creations.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please schedule an appointment with us, and we will see how we can work together! We know we can be an amazing team! We look forward to collaborating with you in materializing your vision of your architectonic projects. We've got the 3D rendering you need!

The American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects is an organization of architects based in Washington D.C. It supports the architecture profession by providing education, government advocacy, community redevelopment, and public outreach.

13 architects founded the AIA in 1857, and it held its first convention in 1867. The AIA teams with members of the design and construction industries to coordinate the building industry. The AIA has over 90,000 members worldwide. These members adhere to a strict code of ethics and professional conduct. There are five levels of membership in The AIA: 

Architect members: They are licensed to practice architecture in the United States. 

Associate members: They are not yet licensed but work under supervision from licensed architects. 

International associate members: They have a license from an equivalent authority outside the United States. 

Emeritus members: They have been members of The AIA for fifteen years and are over 65 years of age or unable to work in the architecture profession. 

Allied members: They are not architects, but their professions are related to the building and design community.

3D World Renderings is an allied member of The AIA. This membership is clear evidence of our expertise in working with the real estate industry and the reason why you should hire us to render your ideas.

We have an experienced team of designers trained to understand our client's needs and expectations. We bring your vision to life with our 3D rendering, animation, and VR. Our philosophy is to work with passion. We do more than we are expected to, because we want your project to be as amazing as you imagine it. Schedule your meeting with one of our amazing senior designers today and let us

3D Renderings for NYC Dob Signs

3D World Renderings, Inc. is a New York-based design studio that specializes in 3D renderings, virtual reality, real estate video, 3D animation & VFX, and in the development of private projects. 

If you are a real estate developer with a new project in mind, you know that the City of New York has requirements such as posting signage with information about the site in the construction fence. Signage must include information about the type of work underway as well as the contact information for the developers but also a graphic representation of the finished construction.

This regulation ensures that the community gets an accurate idea of what is happening as well as having updated contact information to reach the developer if needed. Many developers use drawings to comply with the regulation, but for most people, it is difficult to understand this type of representation. 

3D renderings are the best choice to deliver a graphic representation of the finished construction. Current technology is advanced, to the point that it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a photograph and a great render. 

So, why hire 3D world Renderings?  Because we know what we are doing. Real estate is our field of expertise. We work with many developers and are familiar with current regulations from the City of New York. Our 3d rendering services renderings are as accurate as a picture from the future, your prospects, your investors, and community members, all will be able to visualize what you want to build. 

When reaching to us: Tell us as much as you can about your idea, be clear about your goals and expectations, about the challenges you face and be specific. We can work within the limits of your budget; so don't be afraid to talk about money with us. Schedule a meeting today with one of our senior designers, and we will render your idea to life!

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Now you can Instantly Book your appointments Online!

After months of hard work, we are happy to officially announce the launch of our brand new website. Where we mainly focused on the four 3D rendering & animation services that we specialize in:
The website has been completely redesigned to provide our visitors and clients, with an easier way to learn about who we are as well as what services and solutions we offer to help you render your ideas to life!
Visit us often as we will be constantly updating our content with new blog posts, company updates, and client successes. We hope you enjoy the new fresh and modern design. For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please email us.
And hey, if you have been sitting on a project and would like to pick it up, talk to us, whatever the nature of your project might be, we can help, either from the architectural rendering stand of point: Hospitality, Residential, Commercial, or from the product rendering industry: 3D product images, 3D furniture Design, 3D product Visualization you name it, we are here to help you.
At 3D World renderings, we are passionate to render your ideas to life!

Virtual Reality the next Secret Weapon for Real Estate Developers in New York

As a Brooklyn based design studio specialized in 3D Rendering & Virtual Reality, we experience everyday new challenges as well improvements not only from the technological stand of point, but also from the consumer’s new demands and needs.
According to a recent study from Digi-Capital, by 2021, the market for VR (Virtual Reality) & AR (Augmented Reality) tech is expected to reach the 108 billion dollars. To put that into a wider perspective, with this same amount we could bail out Greece, which currently has a debt of around $110 billion*.
And according to Goldman Sachs, VR alone will be an $80 billion dollar market by 2025 — with $2.6 billion of that coming directly from the Real Estate market.
The actual definition for virtual reality, according to the Virtual Reality Society: Virtual reality is the term used to describe a three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person. That person becomes part of this virtual world or is immersed within this environment and whilst there, is able to manipulate objects or perform a series of actions. Even by simply reading the definition, it’s clear to see how helping a person become “immersed” within an environment without actually having to travel there physically could be a beautiful thing for Real Estate agents, so what are Real Estate Developers experts saying about it:
“Homes with photographs have higher perceived values, and I’d bet homes with 3D Renderings have even higher perceived values”. Jeff Harris, Vice President at VR Matter.
“Why look at a picture, when you can walk through a world?” Peter Alden, VP at Flooring.
So one thing is to read about it from experts in the field, but if you really try it on, it just makes sense. If the right photos can work wonders for a listing, now imagine the real power of 3D & VR for a specific listing. In fact, investors predict even more innovative disruption in the real estate VR and AR space. Matthew Hood of the Hood Real Estate Group at Sotheby’s International Realty said: “A number of young tech companies are exploring an entirely in-VR experience where you enter search criteria like price, location, and number of rooms and you’re presented a number of homes and you can virtually tour….Once that happens, you’ll look back and say, ‘How did we do this before?’”
Thanks to new technologies such as the ones we specializes here at 3D World renderings, Inc., all you have to do is put a VR headset on and get yourself immersed into another reality. All the perks of an open house without the need to attend one… That is the essence behind why Real estate companies see huge potential in the use of both VR and AR. While Virtual Reality can serve as an alternative to open house, Augmented Reality might help potential customers visualize an empty space, and fill it with your desired furniture, the same way we did it for our friends and clients at Ollie | All Inclusive Coliving in Manhattan, NY. Before the construction was done, and based on their design, we were able to recreate the entire space in 3D, so future tenants could explore all the amenities of the space, before it was finish. Check it out here: Real Estate Secret Weapon.
This is becoming our new reality as seen on the latest Blockbuster movie from Steven Spielberg, Ready Player One. Real estate investors in our opinion are always looking to add new tools to their tool set box. Virtual Reali
ts their rentals, conducting renovations, advertising, and communicating with tenants are just a few ways of how we believe VR will improve the lives of real estate investors. VR is going to be a game-changer for real estate investors and the industry as a whole.
If you are a Real Estate Developer, an Architect, Interior designer or a Contractor in New York City or abroad, don’t miss out on the future. This is the future. This is already happening as we speak. As an overall takeaway, you should always hire a Design studio that specializes in 3D Rendering or Virtual Reality and is trustworthy and established. If you don’t, you could wind up having to do a reshoot and they might not be open to refunds.
Knowing what to look for when hiring a 3D & VR Design studio is only the very beginning of the things you need to know so you don’t make a mistake that could cost you hundreds (or in some cases thousands) of dollars.

Why Virtual Reality can Help you close more Deals?

Leaving aside degenerative brain disease, your brain never loses the ability to learn and change because it’s effectively plastic and constantly rewiring itself, according to a recent study by the Daring Adventure Team.

So why should 3D Rendering technology be any different? If our brains are constantly rewiring itself, and we are assuming that it’s constantly getting better and sharper as we grow older, why wouldn’t our 3D & VR technology get better and better?

We were happy to see that some of the articles out on the innerwebs were questioning whether 3D Renders were fulling or deriving the people. Meaning, because our technology is gotten better and better, we are now able to simulate reality to almost perfection. At times fooling the untrained eye, and as a consequence this had false expectations on the home buyer, for instance. This was one of their major concerns. As a team of specialists in 3D & VR, we understand completely that there are constrains within reality that do not exist in the virtual world.

However, we do not want to take our technology for granted, we would like to improve upon it and make it better. We would like to believe we are visionaries of what is possible in reality as we are shooting for 200% to reach a 120% in reality.

Next week, will go deeper on the whole process of buying and selling real estate in this new era of 3D Renderings & Virtual Reality!

Virtual Reality vs. Real Life

We are excited to see the world evolving in an unimaginable rapid matter. Not even 30 years ago, people could not communicate easily with people in their same city, nor less with people across the world. Today we are privileged to be able to jump on a plain a be on the other side of the world in a matter of hrs. Here at 3D World renderings, Inc. in New York, we stand in awe of how not only our 3D technology is advancing daily, not just our communication, but our ability to relate with people and convey an idea!

At our Brooklyn studio, we say we are able to see into the future and predict how it might look. In other words, we are able to see a project fully developed virtually, with our 3D renders, Real Estate 3D animations, VFX and VR tools, before a project is completed in reality. How? You may be asking? Well, we are able to communicate with our tools what needs to be done for future projects or, better yet, what exist already, and anyone can see across the globe.

On the most recent article from The Investors Business Daily they said if someone’s in Moscow and sees a picture of this home, they say, “Eh, it’s over in Malibu, all I see is this photo; I’m not enthused,” Ryan said. “But if we send them a High Resolution 3D rendering, fully immersive experience, they can really see the waves and get a feel for this house and say: ‘It’s perfect for me”.

Allow us to expand, we learned that Virtual Reality and 3D renderings or as Architects and Interior Designers would call them “Architectural Visualizations”, are able to take someone who is on the other side of the world, through an experience. They are able to imagine, feel and experience being there, without physically traveling anywhere but their browser. On a recent business lunch with a Real Estate Developer in Manhattan, NY, we learned that they were increasing their sales by expanding their market across the world using 3D & VR. They would send their potential buyer a preloaded VR set of their available listing and were able to find their client the right fit without having to travel across the country and having to go from place to place. Imagine that!

So we are happy to see how our 3D and VR technology is able to convey an idea to exactitude, and how this is helping people relate in ways they never imagine possible 30 years ago.

Next week, will go deeper on how could you implement not only 3D renders, but also add motion graphics to your upcoming presentation and secure that sale or investment and make more money!

Why we Believe the Key to Architecture is Knowing how to Express an Idea!

In a world where our time is the most value resource we might want to start to think about what are the tools that help us save the most time and resources in the long term. You want to be able to convey your idea, help your client see it, and feel emotionally connected to it.
At our Brooklyn studio we see a simple solution. You basically have to be able to explain your ideas and help your clients see what you see. Using relatable terms and using comparisons to other already existing projects. This will be easy to do with people who are visual, as they may be imagining what you say in their head as you speak. For someone who is not visual and may be more on the digital sense you may have to be more precise and speak in direct terminology.
When it comes to helping your client connect emotionally, it’s useful to help them relate to the mood or help them imagine how it will be one they have their property. You can use terms that indicate they already live there and own the place to help them connect with that possibility. You may also, and most importantly, ask them how it would be if they did indeed have own the place – you can then watch for the illumination in their face to see if they are feeling that it’s a right fit. This can also indicate that it may not be the right fit, in other words it doesn’t feel right for them, so you may want to move on to other options or ideas of what you can propose.
If all of this sound good, yet it sound like a lot of work, and you want to find out if there may be another way! Our friends at Archdaily agree that “clients often lack the ability to visualize a space before it is built”. Here at 3D World renderings, Inc. we believe that the options are limitless when it comes to conveying a message and closing the deal, nevertheless, we also know what we do works!
Here we can create that exact vision you might have for your next Real Estate Development, Interior Design or architectural project, we can set the perfect mood, and add any important detail that will convey your ideas into reality so that your client can instantly see what you’re envisioning and help them connect with your design.
We will always do our very best to get your vision on point, to create the perfect mood so that your clients are instantly connected and will want to buy.
For more information on any of our services: 3D Rendering, Architectural Visualization, Product Design, Virtual Reality, Real Estate Video or Animation & VFX, contact us for a free consultation with one of our senior designers, we will get back to you within one business day.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Renderings and VR better than Reality Itself

Reality is overrated. As a team of Virtual Reality developers and 3D rendering artists we stand firm on that statement. Why do we love Renderings and VR over real life, you might ask? “I knew designers and tech geeks were kind of weird”, am I right? Well, the answer is very simple and not that philosophical: We can modify a render with one click. 

The world of renderings and virtual reality is one you - and your clients through you - can fully control. You want to see how your dreamed living room looks under twilight? Click. There you go. You want to see a bit more lightning over the shelf? Click. You got it! Now, to be honest with you, we were just trying to hook you up a little bit with that first line. Of course reality presents a set of elements, like people and feelings, that can't be designed with a computer but consider that we work with architects, interior designers, Real Estate developers, marketers and product designers. Those are all fields where a big investment has to be done just to get the skeleton done. 

I don't even know how people used to do it back in the day. Clients trusted architects and designers just because! I mean… sure, they had their scale models and their plans but I bet a lot of clients weren't that imaginative. They couldn't picture the projects they were investing maybe their lifetime savings. Are you kidding me now? How was that even possible?! I guess I can picture my grandpa shaking the hand of the architect that built his house saying: “Oh yes, I feel it in my gut. This is one good architect and he will get it right…” I am sorry but that just sounds insane to me. 

I guess it's just different times but I do need to try it, to touch it, to feel it before I buy it. That is the only way I can be really sure that I will get what I'm paying for, as simple as that. So when old school companies come to us and don't see how important it is to let their clients get a close to perfect, fully-detailed look on how the final project will be like… I just don't get it. People want to know, people deserve to know if their ideas were translated correctly to the creatives and designers. If not… well, that's gonna be someone else´s house. 

At 3D World Renderings we are experts on 3D rendering of any type of space or product. We are also razor sharp when it comes to Virtual Reality experiences, whether the whole digital structure needs to be made from scratch or to simply digitize a real space to put it inside a headset so people can tour wherever they are. We do 3D animation and VFX as well and we do it with so much care and love because we know it's important, we know firms need it and their clients need it was well just to be sure their dreamed spaces are coming to life in the exact way they want them to. 

3D Rendering and Virtual Reality should and will be getting closer and closer to reality itself. And at some point it will be even better. Yes, better! We need it to be better so we can see more, so we can make sure every single string on the carpet, every single mosaic at the shower is just perfect and it will remain that way when it is built in the real life. Contact us and hire our renderings services so you can see how your projects come to life!

Is Designing Hard for you? We've got the Solution!

My grandma used to say that no one is good at everything. I didn't really believe her. I was sure I could be good at everything I wanted to do. It's just a matter of patience and discipline after all. As I grew up, I realized that architecture was my thing. I started drawing everyday and even if I can't say I was the best of my class, at least I had the basics well tamed. My surprise came when I found out that a big part of my college class wasn't really that into drawing. What else could it be about? I decided to mind my own biz and keep on doing my best in every course. 

I remember a building plan I had to deliver as a final exam. I worked day and night on it for over a week. I got a C+ which was alright, I didn't feel that strong in that signature. Then one of my classmates came out with a peaceful look on his face and a grade better than mine. No way I was letting that roll just like that! 

-How did you do it?! - I had to ask. 

-Did what? 

-How did you get so good at designing all of the sudden? 

-Oh, that! I paid someone to do it for me. 

My head just boiled. I felt my blood burning through my veins. “Cheater”, I thought in my mind. I didn't say another word. Just turned around and started to walk. Should I tell on him? We were too old for that but something had to be done… Justice had to prevail! 

-Listen, do you want her contact for future projects? She is a great designer and the price is quite fair. I got her working for my at my firm and if you want to... 

-Firm... -I glanced over my shoulder- What firm? 

-My firm, friend. My architecture firm. Some friends and I gathered together and we are already out there making some green, you know what I mean? 

I couldn't believe my ears. This guy being extremely less talented and passionate about architecture than me already had a firm while I was still figuring out how to apply what I was learning. I exploded! 

-How dare you?! - I howled - How can you have an architecture firm when you don't even know how to design? 

-Oh, well! It's just that I feel much more confident on sales. I bring the clients to the table and then I hire someone else to do all the hard work for me. They make money. I make money. The client is happy with the results. Everyone wins, right? 

He was right… I had to learn the bad way that you don't really have to do it all by your own because, well, you just can´t be good at everything. School has been over for a while now and at some point I even worked with this guy and became close friends. Real life doesn't really care about grades or how you hack it to get it done. The only thing life really cares is: Results. 

As a member of the 3D World Rendering team, I wanted to share this short story of how I found out the best way to keep growing. If you or your firm are having a hard time with design, 3D Animation, 3D Rendering, or VR experiences, give us a call and we will be happy to lend you a hand in whatever you are stuck with.

4 "Must Have" for Architects, Designers, and Real Estate developers

It is well known that the architectural and Real Estate market is one of the toughest ones out there. This has to do with the fact that spaces are getting scarce which lead to a very prominent rise in pricing not only related to the commercial or the building process, but also at the designing and pitching sides of it. Architecture firms, interior design studios and Real Estate developers are finding, more now than ever before, that clients want it all and they are quite open to negotiate with whoever has the best to offer. 

The game is changing. Reputation of the big firms is losing it´s weight while some younger and daring agencies are finding new ways to connect with clients. The scene is different for buyers as well. They are more meticulous about their outlay and more demanding in the final product. Architects, interior designers and Real Estate developers all around the country have become more aware of this shift on the demand and are already adjusting their strategy to it. 

One of the biggest changes out there is the technology used at the pitching and closeout process. Because investment is being driven with more caution, the old ways of presenting a project lacked the luxury of details the market is craving for. This is why firms around the globe have been starting to use more immersive methods to get their clients a closer look to the final result. 

According to several sources, these are the Top “Must have” elements for architects, designers and Real Estate developers to succeed on the present market: 

1.- A Skilled team: The core is still the same. Without a team of experts on whatever service your firm is providing, there's not much that can be done to remain relevant on the field. Outsourcing has also opened a new way for teams to grow without internal infrastructure, being able to provide a wider range of services for clients. 

2.- A Marketing plan: Nowadays it's not enough to have the right style or vision for projects, it is imperative to work with a strategy that supports a brand and all the distinctive traits that it is based on. Without a way to keep landing possible buyers on the desk, it is quite difficult for simpler firms to outlast. 

3.- Strong relationships: Contacts are gold in every field. To know the right person at the right time could mean closing the deal that will change the course of the firm for good. To be a part of a strong network of buyers and suppliers is an excellent and extremely important method to get more sales. 

4.- The right tech: To stay updated on the most trendy alternatives to speed up processes is a top need. Regarding the architectural and designing business, 3D rendering and VR touring have quickly escalated to become imperative tools for closing deals at present time. With their immersive traits, clients have a close-to-perfect understanding on the final product. 

3D Word Renderings is a digital, creative studio based on New York that has helped numerous architecture firms, interior design studios and Real Estate developers to improve their process and conquer the new market. If you have all the “Must Have” except for the right technology to present your project, contact us! We will be glad to help with our 3D Renderings, Virtual Reality, and Real Estate Video!