Thursday, September 6, 2018

Renders, Virtual Reality, Animation, and Real Estate Video. We've Got You Covered!

Do you remember that old saying: “Don't put all the eggs in one basket”? You sure do. My father used to tell it to me all the time. As a kid I didn't really get it, so he had to explain it to me directly:

-Listen boy, it goes like this: Imagine you put every single one of the things that matter the most to you all together in one single place...
-A basket?
-Yeah, a basket. And then one day that basket breaks and all your important stuff fall into the field and get messed up or get lost. What then?
-But what if it was like a good and strong basket? One that just wouldn't break no matter what. Why would you have other baskets if you already have the best one?

My dad giggled. I was that kind of boy.

Today, here at 3D World renderings we work everyday to be exactly that basket, the one that doesn't break, the one that doesn't let you down when it comes to rendering solutions. Renders, Virtual Reality, Animation, Real Estate video, you name it and we have it. We are experts in our craft and only use the best digital tools to create the closest-to-the-real-thing feeling that your clients deserve and need to make the best decisions possible.

While working with us you don't have a digital products provider, you have a real partner who is ready to go the extra mile, to be in touch with your customers, to walk you through the whole way into the realization or your project because we KNOW how much it matters. When it comes to prizing, you will always get the best value there is in the market. We are here for a long-term commitment that helps you with every solution you need.

To sum it up, with 3D World renderings you won't have to worry anymore about your clients not being able to appreciate every single detail of their digitized render. In other words, there's no need for any other basket.

3D Rendering and Virtual Reality: The New Road for any Design!

Do you remember that scene from Back to the Future: Part II when Marty McFly walks around the boulevard and a HUGE 3D shark, promoting Jaws 19, materializes over his head and takes a big-digital chomp on his head and scares his socks off? We all sure do! Actually, that was THE futuristic concept I loved the most. Sure, the hoverboard and the dehydrated pizza were terrific, but it was with the pixel-made shark when I thought: This is it! This will be the way all brands will advertise their products a few years from now. I know 2015 already happened (the year in which the movie´s plot developed) and more than a few were disappointed to realize that flying cars and automatized sneakers are still sci-fi dreams… but the shark is here and we have it!

Surely this is all figurative speaking. Not because we cannot do it (we would freakin´ love to!). But it has more to do with the fact that the Jaws franchise stopped a while ago. What I mean with the “shark” is that the same intent of immersing the prospect into the closest-to-the-real-thing feel is what 3D World Renderings do every single day and we are very proud of the way we do it.

The 3D Rendering and the Virtual Reality tours, both included in our Top-trending services, have really pushed on the boundaries when it comes to instantly create a connection with the client. And that the main reason for that is, like McFly who even crouched to dodge the bite, motion generates emotion. 

-When the investor sees how the lobby looks like, with all the people walking by with smiles on their faces…

-When the owner is inside his new bar, only seen before in dreams, and can walk between the tables with the aid of a pair of a VR set...
-When a just-married couple can enter the hall of the house they will call Home in the moment the construction is done...

That´s then we know we are doing it right!

So, if you also are a fan of the Back to the Future´s Shark-Attack and always imagined your project being promoted in such a spectacular way, let's have a one-to-one meeting soon enough and I'm certain that together, we will find the best way to make your clients SCREAM out of happiness.

Building or Designing? We take your Ideas to the Screen!

Picture this: You are an architect around the 90`s. Recently, a big brand of hotels decided to open one in your town and after a harsh negotiation and an ambitious competition against other firms, they decided to hire you. You go all in! Your team works day and night to have the plans ready on time. In every single scale model, material proposal and decision-making phase you get a big green light with a delighted hand shake from every single executive aboard. Everything is going terrific and the building is already on its final stage. One day out of the blue, the head of the directive comes to check out on the project. You greet him with confidence but then… you see there's a grim look on his face.

-Is everything ok, sir? - you ask.
-Not at all… This is not the way I wanted it.

Your heart freezes. Your hands begin to sweat. The whole team stops the work. The business man keeps staring around, surprised and with contempt. After an eternal minute, you dare to ask:

-What exactly is it that you don´t like?

The angry man starts to point here and there while yelling his mind off. Some scratch their heads, others cover their mouths. You can't do anything but listen to the discomfort. You wish it was all a nightmare. And guess what… IT IS!

You are here and now! You have a 3D rendered version of your project and you are exploring it alongside the general director of the company you are currently working for. In a certain point he stops you and ask:

-Is there any way we can have thicker pillars in the lobby?

You take note of the request. Then you reply: 

-Sure, no problem. Let me do some adjustments and then I'll ask the guys at 3D World Renderings to apply the changes so you can check on them. How about that?

The meeting ends and you thank the skies that you live in a time and place in which if the client doesn't like something… you can just change it using the computer. You drive home. Life is good.

Always give your Investors a feeling of the space.

You are looking forward to buying a beach house. Like if you just rubbed a magic lamp, a random guy gets close and tells you he is selling his beach house. Yup, right in the block you want it and he describes it with the type of tropical furniture and tall ceiling you pictured it with. And, most importantly, it fit your budget. You can´t believe how lucky you are!

-Sounds great! So when can I see it?

-Oh… yeah, you can't.
-Excuse me?
-Well yeah, I mean: I'm selling it to you, but I don't like strangers walking around, you know? It's a crazy world! Isn’t it?
-Ammm I guess…
 -But you can totally believe me. It has everything you ever dreamed of and more. Trust me! Actually, you look like a good sport so I´ll give you a better offer.

Would you take this deal? I mean, it sounds perfect so why wouldn't you? I guess the guy may seem out of his mind, but he doesn't show any weird trait, he actually looks like a decent man so why are you still doubting? The answer is quite simple: It's because you can't see it. How are you supposed to buy a house you haven’t seen yet.

I know this example seems a bit too unrealistic, but you'll be surprised by how many projects are being promoted based on that “just trust me” element. And it doesn't matter how good of a salesman you might be, this is never a clever approach, and at the very end, buyers won’t be completely happy, because probably the product will be really different from what they imagined.

I used you in this example because it's not always easy to picture it from the other side, and I mean: Inside the investor's shoes. It doesn't matter if your client buys a beach house every year of if he is ready to spend his lifetime savings on it, when you are the one compromised you will ask for every insurance there is out there is order to get what you are paying for.

At 3D World Renderings that is exactly what we do. When you can give an investor the actual look of the beach house he is looking forward to enjoy every summer, when you show how open spaces are, when you let them feel the idea of the breeze coming through the window and the sound of the waves at night, the “just trust me” speech becomes the “you are watching it and it is real” speech.

Get people to connect with your ideas

Hi, I´m glad you are here today. As a member of the 3D World Renderings team, the fact that you are reading these words means that you are ready to acquire one of our services, among the following: 3D Rendering, Virtual reality, Real Estate videos, and Animation. So, why don't we go directly to the paying part. Please type the numbers of your...

Well... that was awkward. Sorry to put you through that little experiment but I was just trying to make a point: No one likes being sold. Even when we actually NEED what they are trying to sell. And why is that?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Salespeople are in it for the sale and nothing more. Sometimes they don’t even follow up what happens after the sale.
  • What they sale is not always what we need.
  • Too much pressure generates a lack of confidence.

Let us focus on that: Lack of confidence. If you have been around this topic for as long as we have, then you know that the most important AND CHALLENGING step while crossing the sales funnel it´s to get people to fully and actively connect with your idea. And that has everything to do with the fact that your prospect KNOWS you are trying to persuade and influence them to buy.

Let's not get tragic right away: This is how the system works and it's alright to play along. So, how can you engage with one of your customers even if he knows he is being sold? The answer is quite simple: You stop selling...


I am not finished there: You stop selling and you start showing. What I mean is that when you begin to prove how your product or service can bring the greatest advantage, benefit, of value to your client, then your client can really begin to trust you.

And when your client trusts you, then you are no longer his provider. You become his partner. So, let me fix that bad start we had before:

Hi, I´m glad you are here today. As a member of the 3D World Renderings team, the fact that you are reading these words means that you are looking forward to build a trustworthy connection with your customers and we will be more than happy to aid you. We’ve got perfect solutions for your architectural models, your interior design projects, your animation and Real Estate videos… Ready to amaze your clients?

Don't lose time with old-fashioned models!

We all know someone who is truly exceptional about a certain craft. For me, that would be Tom. We call him “Tom the Artist” because the architectural models he creates deserve to be in a museum display. Tom worried about using first-class, expensive materials to get the looks of the model as close as possible. The pasting and painting processes took him a while and he even installed electric wire to illuminate the insides of his models. Oddly as it may sound, Tom´s office wasn't doing that well.

The modeling was taking too much of his time and the clients grew anxious as days went by. There's no doubt that his models were breathtaking, but many people started to be more interested in the miniatures than in the real project, which was totally not the point.

I had to talk to him, he is my friend after all. I don´t recall the exact words but the intervention went somewhere close to this:

“Times have changed, bro. And clients have changed as well. They don't care that much for how we do things anymore. Now it's all about being practical, being accurate and showing results ASAP. Sure, we did a lot of models at school. We learned the best techniques and spent whole nights applying them to get a good grade. You do remember those endless nights, right? But we just can´t keep working like that anymore. It is not profitable. We need some sleep now! Our 20´s are gone and our bodies became resistant to caffeine. You got a family now and, as I said before, times have changed… Clients are demanding something different now, a more immersive experience, but at the same time it must be the fastest way possible. It is our duty to adapt ourselves. It might not be easy at first, but you will learn new stuff just as we did before.”

I did feel my words went through. After a period of silence, he looked me right in the eye and asked, with a string of voice: So, what do I do? The answer came with ease: You hire someone to do it for you! And I don´t mean anyone. You hire an expert that knows what the clients are asking for and understand what your needs are. Sounds good?

It does, but… I just LOVE doing models. It’s my favorite part and it is what I am good at. The answer didn't get me off guard. We both knew he needed to move on to modern times in order to do things more effectively and take his company somewhere.

Now Tom works with a rendering agency that develops all the modeling of the projects. He changed his messy plans-filled and time-consuming suitcase with a set of VR headset which he carries all the time. Not only that, but his clients began to appreciate the modern approach of his plans and sells eventually started to flow. Tom the Artist keeps working on his artistic hand-made models. It's more of a pleasant hobby now. I even heard that another friend of his wants to put some of his models in a gallery. I'm really looking forward to check that exhibition out.

If you too need a rendering agency, call 3D World Renderings and be ready to look at their high quality products and services: 3D Rendering, Virtual Reality, Real Estate Video, and 3D Animation & VFX.

Architectural model building: A nightmare?

You know we, people, haven't been going easy on our beloved planet for a while now. And yes, we can all agree that the consequences are hitting us hard. A friend of mine who is still working on her architecture degree called me the other day, saying she wanted to chat. She knows I’m part of the 3D World Renderings team so I figured out it would have something to do with some assignment for school.

When we finally met, she told me about her teacher, Mr. Zimmerman. As a veteran in infrastructure has been going heavily with the Architectural model building, which is completely normal while studying, but the plot thickens as the school is currently promoting a Zero - Waste campaign and all students are all in about it. The thing is Mr. Zimmerman is not cooperating that much with the ecological focus as he keeps requesting that the models should be made out of the exact same materials that have been used since he was a young lad. Some of these include: glues, foam, plastic, and many others.

I told my friend I would happily have a little talk with the professor, but the fact is that out there, a lot of architects, interior designers, and real estate developers still abuse the old ways while making models that require a big deal of time, money and space, which in many cases end up in the trash can.

It's not that I don't appreciate the way things were made some time ago. But once school is over and we become the work force, we really must be conscious in how to display our abilities and knowledge in a respectful way towards our environment. Also, we need to consider our time and how profitable our work is. We must optimize every single activity and make things with higher quality every time.

That is what the 3D World Renderings team stands for: To promote not only an advanced way to pitch your project to your buyer, but to do so by protecting our environment in a smart and clean way.  

3D Rendering, Virtual Reality, Real EstateVideo, 3D Animation and VFX bring you all the solutions to ecological, as well as financial and time-consuming problems. You will be really impressed by how different work can be with the right tool and the right provider. These solutions can be a great tool as well as a business card for your company. Then what are you waiting for? Use them in your favor!

If you feel the same way we do, and you are in the search for an environmental solution, let's have a chat and I'm sure will find a way to work together.

You've got powerful ideas that others just can't understand?

It's Christmas night and you wake up way earlier than everyone else to check out what Santa brought you. Yes, Santa was still around). You know you've been a charm with everyone, your grades can´t be better, and you were as descriptive as possible with the new bike you KNOW you deserve. You even specified the blazing-red color you want it to be and wrote the exact address of the store where you saw it in display. 

The house is dark and quiet, the snowflakes fall gently through the night. The only lights that can be seen are the ones shining beautifully around the tree. Then you size it: Sparkled by the lights, the biggest present of all has your name on it. You discover your gift by pulling the wrapping paper and… It's not your bike. It's a bike alright, but not the one you wanted… not the one you NEEDED. Remember that feeling? Well that's exactly what our customers feel when you don't provide EXACTLY what they were expecting. Even though it may be their fault for not being clear enough, it sucks, doesn't it?

You know you have great ideas. You are quite conscious of your sharpness when it comes to detect what the client wants. But what happens when the client just doesn´t understand your approach to the project for whatever reason? Or when clients don’t know how to explain themselves?

We all have been through this and it is not nice because people always tend to look for someone to blame, and that doesn’t make things any better. It only creates conflict between the two parts. So, let’s avoid this anytime it is possible.

It may seem impossible, but there are a few close-minded prospects out there that can´t picture how you can solve their needs. Some people are not good enough to imagine a project or to picture an idea of something new and different. Or perhaps you are not really that good with words and it's not always easy to express yourself and put your ideas into words. And that's completely fine, by the way! No one has ever gone to jail because of that, but a big part of the job is to make them fall crazy-in love with the project, even before it is finished. That's when the 3D World Renderings team jumps in! We can solve every single problem related to this issue and some other situations in which you need to show how things are going to be in the future.

If there was a guaranteed way to avoid disappointed clients in a 100% rate, would you be interested? If the answer is “YES” then we are ready to have a chat. In 3D World Renderings, all your Real Estate Development, Interior Designs, and Architectural projects are brought to life through 3D rendering, virtual reality tours and 3D animations. This is our way to help you portray your product to your client. No surprises = No deception = No trouble. 

Yes, I know we met a bit late and Santa did crush your heart that Christmas night. But at least you don't have to worry anymore about accomplishing your client's expectations. Now you can do the best for your business, its reputation, and its results. Isn’t it great?

Explaining Vs. Showing. The HUGE difference

Let's play Charades! 3 words, ready? Ok, first word: I model my hands as trying to introduce you to a new product, while I rub my fingers against each other. Second word: Two letters. I point my eye. Then I draw a big “S” in the air. Third word: I brush some invisible dust out of my right shoulder. What did I say? No? I was saying Selling is easy.

What? You didn't get it? Yeah, you weren't right here looking at me and that made it a bit more challenging. But if you stop to actually think about it, how many clients can you meet face to face? How about that big investor you met overseas, and is eager to know more about your new architecture project? Too far? Let's keep it close then. Let's say that a new married couple wants to you to design their new furniture. They currently live past into the countryside and it takes them more than 4 hours to get to you.

Sure, you´ll be able to meet them every once in a while, or perhaps have multiple digital meetings, long phone calls, and heavy mailing. But trying to sell an idea by just wanting others to imagine it is like pretending to win a Charades match in the dark.

Selling is easy and I mean it, but it is a fact that there are many ways to do so and some of them are more efficient than others. There are several studies that claim that we all live in the “Image Era” and that has to do with the fact that nowadays everything has a visual representation. Hundreds of teachers around the world are currently using YouTube videos to support their activities. There are digital classes about every single subject out there and you can have complete access to them from your cell phone and even the pitching of a project without any visual aid seems sort of antique and boring.

This is no one’s fault! It's just how we understand things now and we are all very invited to apply these tools in our advantage.

This is why it is extremely important to know the difference between simply explaining your architectural model while making weird gestures with your hands and face through a webcam presentation… and actually showing an extremely realistic version of your project all wrapped up: how it looks under certain light, what colors and furniture will bring the best potential out of certain space and, most important, to show your clients how their investment will be applied with more than words.

Sure! To play Charades with an explaining video will certainly spoil all the fun but when it comes to the “Sales-game”, the whole 3DWorld Renderings team wants you to have all the resources you need to WIN EVERY TIME. Get to know all their products and services: 3D Rendering, Virtual Reality, Real Estate Video, and 3D Animation & VFX. 

How do you usually present your projects to buyers?

Close your eyes for a bit. Take a deep breath and think: What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “salesperson”? You got it? Now let me check how my mind reading skills are flowing today: Perhaps it came to you the figure of a little man, probably bald, with a suitcase in his hand and a fake smile on his face. Was I close? If I was, then I'm afraid you are infected with the “Ancient salesman” concept. Let me tell you a bit more about him:

The also called “Homo salectus” lives on a hostile environment in which he depends on his communicative skills to approach his pray: clients. The challenge comes as they discover their targets to be a bit close-minded and avoid their speech and, in many cases, react quite aggressively by not picking the phone or ignoring mails, which may lead our hero to starvation in extreme cases.

This salesperson can be anyone. They can sell insurance, credit cards, or even houses and new products. The important thing is that there are better selling strategies than the long, boring speech no one ever listens to. And not every person who is trying to sell something has to look that way.

In the case of architects, designers, and real estate developers, who work on sales too, they used to offer their creations with a heavy kit of handmade drawings, a briefcase filled with building plans on scrolls, and complex architectural models made out foam and plastic figurines which will be disposed after the pitch.

Thankfully, the Homo salectus is close to extinction, which has a lot to do with a major discovery that is promoting their social evolution. That new gear is called: 3d rendering, and it is redefining their whole hunting system. Modern tools allow them to be a lot more specific, more creative, more interesting, and to catch their prey way easier.

The fact is that nowadays 3 out of 10 professionals related to sales are still trying to present their projects to possible buyers based on how good their pitching skills are. They are still Homo salectus, and it is just not reliable any more.

A pitch supported by a speech often leaves many doubts about the conceptualization of the complete project. A pitch supported by a fully detailed render of your architectural model, your real estate development or your product, makes it a lot easier for the client to choose right and make the decision to buy.

This is why the 3DWorld Renderings team will keep promoting the evolution of the everyday sales-pitch, serving as the bridge by which everyone shall walk and rise. Make a call and get to know them, you will be amazed by their products: 3D Rendering, Virtual Reality, Real Estate Video, and 3D Animation & VFX.