Friday, October 26, 2018

Renderings and VR better than Reality Itself

Reality is overrated. As a team of Virtual Reality developers and 3D rendering artists we stand firm on that statement. Why do we love Renderings and VR over real life, you might ask? “I knew designers and tech geeks were kind of weird”, am I right? Well, the answer is very simple and not that philosophical: We can modify a render with one click. 

The world of renderings and virtual reality is one you - and your clients through you - can fully control. You want to see how your dreamed living room looks under twilight? Click. There you go. You want to see a bit more lightning over the shelf? Click. You got it! Now, to be honest with you, we were just trying to hook you up a little bit with that first line. Of course reality presents a set of elements, like people and feelings, that can't be designed with a computer but consider that we work with architects, interior designers, Real Estate developers, marketers and product designers. Those are all fields where a big investment has to be done just to get the skeleton done. 

I don't even know how people used to do it back in the day. Clients trusted architects and designers just because! I mean… sure, they had their scale models and their plans but I bet a lot of clients weren't that imaginative. They couldn't picture the projects they were investing maybe their lifetime savings. Are you kidding me now? How was that even possible?! I guess I can picture my grandpa shaking the hand of the architect that built his house saying: “Oh yes, I feel it in my gut. This is one good architect and he will get it right…” I am sorry but that just sounds insane to me. 

I guess it's just different times but I do need to try it, to touch it, to feel it before I buy it. That is the only way I can be really sure that I will get what I'm paying for, as simple as that. So when old school companies come to us and don't see how important it is to let their clients get a close to perfect, fully-detailed look on how the final project will be like… I just don't get it. People want to know, people deserve to know if their ideas were translated correctly to the creatives and designers. If not… well, that's gonna be someone else´s house. 

At 3D World Renderings we are experts on 3D rendering of any type of space or product. We are also razor sharp when it comes to Virtual Reality experiences, whether the whole digital structure needs to be made from scratch or to simply digitize a real space to put it inside a headset so people can tour wherever they are. We do 3D animation and VFX as well and we do it with so much care and love because we know it's important, we know firms need it and their clients need it was well just to be sure their dreamed spaces are coming to life in the exact way they want them to. 

3D Rendering and Virtual Reality should and will be getting closer and closer to reality itself. And at some point it will be even better. Yes, better! We need it to be better so we can see more, so we can make sure every single string on the carpet, every single mosaic at the shower is just perfect and it will remain that way when it is built in the real life. Contact us and hire our renderings services so you can see how your projects come to life!

Is Designing Hard for you? We've got the Solution!

My grandma used to say that no one is good at everything. I didn't really believe her. I was sure I could be good at everything I wanted to do. It's just a matter of patience and discipline after all. As I grew up, I realized that architecture was my thing. I started drawing everyday and even if I can't say I was the best of my class, at least I had the basics well tamed. My surprise came when I found out that a big part of my college class wasn't really that into drawing. What else could it be about? I decided to mind my own biz and keep on doing my best in every course. 

I remember a building plan I had to deliver as a final exam. I worked day and night on it for over a week. I got a C+ which was alright, I didn't feel that strong in that signature. Then one of my classmates came out with a peaceful look on his face and a grade better than mine. No way I was letting that roll just like that! 

-How did you do it?! - I had to ask. 

-Did what? 

-How did you get so good at designing all of the sudden? 

-Oh, that! I paid someone to do it for me. 

My head just boiled. I felt my blood burning through my veins. “Cheater”, I thought in my mind. I didn't say another word. Just turned around and started to walk. Should I tell on him? We were too old for that but something had to be done… Justice had to prevail! 

-Listen, do you want her contact for future projects? She is a great designer and the price is quite fair. I got her working for my at my firm and if you want to... 

-Firm... -I glanced over my shoulder- What firm? 

-My firm, friend. My architecture firm. Some friends and I gathered together and we are already out there making some green, you know what I mean? 

I couldn't believe my ears. This guy being extremely less talented and passionate about architecture than me already had a firm while I was still figuring out how to apply what I was learning. I exploded! 

-How dare you?! - I howled - How can you have an architecture firm when you don't even know how to design? 

-Oh, well! It's just that I feel much more confident on sales. I bring the clients to the table and then I hire someone else to do all the hard work for me. They make money. I make money. The client is happy with the results. Everyone wins, right? 

He was right… I had to learn the bad way that you don't really have to do it all by your own because, well, you just can´t be good at everything. School has been over for a while now and at some point I even worked with this guy and became close friends. Real life doesn't really care about grades or how you hack it to get it done. The only thing life really cares is: Results. 

As a member of the 3D World Rendering team, I wanted to share this short story of how I found out the best way to keep growing. If you or your firm are having a hard time with design, 3D Animation, 3D Rendering, or VR experiences, give us a call and we will be happy to lend you a hand in whatever you are stuck with.

4 "Must Have" for Architects, Designers, and Real Estate developers

It is well known that the architectural and Real Estate market is one of the toughest ones out there. This has to do with the fact that spaces are getting scarce which lead to a very prominent rise in pricing not only related to the commercial or the building process, but also at the designing and pitching sides of it. Architecture firms, interior design studios and Real Estate developers are finding, more now than ever before, that clients want it all and they are quite open to negotiate with whoever has the best to offer. 

The game is changing. Reputation of the big firms is losing it´s weight while some younger and daring agencies are finding new ways to connect with clients. The scene is different for buyers as well. They are more meticulous about their outlay and more demanding in the final product. Architects, interior designers and Real Estate developers all around the country have become more aware of this shift on the demand and are already adjusting their strategy to it. 

One of the biggest changes out there is the technology used at the pitching and closeout process. Because investment is being driven with more caution, the old ways of presenting a project lacked the luxury of details the market is craving for. This is why firms around the globe have been starting to use more immersive methods to get their clients a closer look to the final result. 

According to several sources, these are the Top “Must have” elements for architects, designers and Real Estate developers to succeed on the present market: 

1.- A Skilled team: The core is still the same. Without a team of experts on whatever service your firm is providing, there's not much that can be done to remain relevant on the field. Outsourcing has also opened a new way for teams to grow without internal infrastructure, being able to provide a wider range of services for clients. 

2.- A Marketing plan: Nowadays it's not enough to have the right style or vision for projects, it is imperative to work with a strategy that supports a brand and all the distinctive traits that it is based on. Without a way to keep landing possible buyers on the desk, it is quite difficult for simpler firms to outlast. 

3.- Strong relationships: Contacts are gold in every field. To know the right person at the right time could mean closing the deal that will change the course of the firm for good. To be a part of a strong network of buyers and suppliers is an excellent and extremely important method to get more sales. 

4.- The right tech: To stay updated on the most trendy alternatives to speed up processes is a top need. Regarding the architectural and designing business, 3D rendering and VR touring have quickly escalated to become imperative tools for closing deals at present time. With their immersive traits, clients have a close-to-perfect understanding on the final product. 

3D Word Renderings is a digital, creative studio based on New York that has helped numerous architecture firms, interior design studios and Real Estate developers to improve their process and conquer the new market. If you have all the “Must Have” except for the right technology to present your project, contact us! We will be glad to help with our 3D Renderings, Virtual Reality, and Real Estate Video!

Tips to choose the Best 3D Rendering Company

Outsourcing is the word of the moment. Even if your company or firm doesn´t have an inhouse expert in a specific product or service, can solve this problem so you can offer the product or service as yours. The world has become much smaller because of alliances, and hundreds of offshore deals are being made every single day. This effect ends up integrating pieces that level-up the growing of companies. Thus firms don't have to keep expanding their inhouse teams anymore, which usually leads to big expenses in training and gearing. They just need to hire an external expert in whatever service they are in need of. The best part of it? Your client doesn´t have to know if you don't feel like telling.

Confidence is positively the most important aspect in a commercial deal, regardless the field. We know that there are some very special clients out there that demand to work only with a specific team. The shared information depends on how well you know your client but the most important point we want to address here is that a company's CEO should always care for one thing above all others: To get the job well done!

When it comes to architecture firms, design studios or Real Estate developers that want to stay on top of its competitors, outsourcing is a very common thing and it may even be a clue. A lot of agencies specialize in the design and hire another company to do all the building and another one for the decorations. Sounds familiar? The very same thing happens with rendering. To build a in In-house rendering team requires patience, vigor and a deep understanding of the craft your new area will be doing for you. If your architecture firm has a more practical soul and is more driven by the results, then we would like to share with you a few tips to choose the best 3D rendering company to work with:

It should feel like a partnership: When two companies understand each other, that is when the magic happens. A 3D rendering agency should really look toward diving into your process, to get to know your team members and to detect the tone you use with your clients. If your client can't tell the work was an outsourcing, then you know you got a solid society going on.

To brief is to care: When a 3D rendering agency asks you to share your client's brie,f it means that they really want to understand how to treat him in the best way possible. If your firm has not done a lot of outsourcing, then it is most likable to only work with an inside understanding of the client. Always try to shape a good brief with the render agency before getting to work.

Schedule is King: The best way to make your clients feel at ease during the whole process is by delivering the reports on time. While outsourcing, both companies should agree on the same calendar. By doing this, timing will always be on your side.

It's not all about the money: As we said before, both companies should really work as an alliance. This means that, if the client has some trouble or delay with the payment, a rendering company should understand these kind of things happen sometimes. Patience is the key for a long run business relationship.

At 3D World Renderings, we always aim for the long haul. To learn alongside our partners in how to deliver the job their (our) clients deserve. If you are craving to add 3D Rendering or Virtual Reality to your process we would love to know more about your project. Leave your comments below and we are sure we will find a way to work together.

5 Reasons for Architects & Designers to utilize 3D renderings

Your architecture firm already has the team, the process and the vision. The only thing left to do is to get the clients and, for some companies, this is where it gets tricky. As we have discussed in other entries, a big part of the success for an architecture firm comes not only from having great skills and a powerful vision for developing new projects, but also in knowing how to pitch and sale these projects as any other field out there. There's obviously an area responsible for this specific enterprise. But how can you apply the creative line of a firm to the commercial side of it? That is exactly the question we will answer with this post.

Renderings have changed the way architects and designers do business. It has not only become a trendy way to prove a firm's modern approach but it it's also a very powerful pitching tool. Through 3D rendering, your client will get a real taste of how the final project will look like, even without setting the first brick on the ground. More now than ever before, the rendering tech is aiding hundreds of companies around the world to communicate their ideas and vision with their clients. That is why we want to share with you 5 of the many reasons for architects and designers to use 3D renderings for their projects:

1.- Accurate reference: CG programs can truly deliver a close to reality version of the final project. This is not only important for the building process but also for the client's approval of the work. Including lighting and shadowing effects, texturized furniture and a real sense of space, among many other traits, a 3D render is a great tool for sharing a concept.

2.- Not as expensive as you think: While some older practices included creating scale models of the projects, doing handmade building plans or even making new decisions at the middle of the building process, a 3D render allows changes to be made to the draft and not the real thing, possibly saving a lot of money and time to everybody.

3.- Fast to do: This depends on the length and complexity of a project but compared to the real building process, it would take less than half of the time needed to have an amazing sneak peek to the final product.

4.- Get it in your pocket: A 3D render is easy to share and show. It is a handy way to present it to any client or partner at any time, at any place. This is a very important characteristic to consider while getting approval from the client.

5.- Fully engaging: There's no better way to get a client fall in love with the project than giving it a real glimpse of how it will look like once built.

If you are ready tu use 3D Rendering, Virtual Reality, Real Estate video, or 3D Animation or your projects, contact us, we are ready to work with you!

The Secret Formula to obtain a Perfect 3D Render

We all love secrets. And the secrets that help us close more deals are the best! What? You wanna know it? Alright, I'll share it with you in a minute. But first I would like you to know where does it come from and why we believe it's important to have a formula to start with. As you know, a 3D render is practically a sales tool for architects, product designers and Real Estate developers. It is used to show a product and to pitch a project filled with the smallest details (which are usually the most important ones) and to give a close-to-reality feeling about a product, room or space before they even exist.

Now, as any other sales tool, there’s a proper way to use renderings, and if it's not done right, then there is the chance that a lot of working hours go right to the trash. This is why we structured a set of steps to follow every single time. Our so called “Secret formula” which won´t be a secret no more. It is quite simple actually, but also very powerful. The formula goes like this:


This is how it works:

Briefing: It's the very first step. We don't only brief your client's needs and desires but also yours. Every firm and every designer has a very specific style and vibe, which is exactly what we want to respect and adapt to the renderings. Like that, your client does feel like we are working together.

Proposing: Once we understand you and your client, it's our job to hit the nail. We apply a work cell formed by the team members that we know will flow correctly to get a first version of the render. Once it's ready, we pitch it to you. Only if we pass your filter, then we share it with you for your own pitching with the final client.

Editing: There is always a little screwing left to do once the pitching process is over. We fix whatever is there to fix so the render gets even better. Then we give it the final touch so it's ready to stay as a reference through the whole building process.

Engagement: This is the secret spice. For the 3DWR team, to engage is to pimp the render not only as it needs to be but to add a little more. This has to be with the firm´s style and the client's personality. A bit more blue over there, another shadow here.

Perfect Renders = Happy clients

And while our “secret formula” could seem a little obvious, the truth is that it is quite effective. We have tested it over the years and the results have always been positive. f you are planning to upgrade your sales process through 3D rendering, contact us and we'll happily get to you to explain how this very same formula could be adapted to your client's needs.

How to Differentiate a Good Rendering from a Cheap one

We won't lie to you: 3D Rendering is a messy biz. We aren't complaining about it though! We love it like crazy! What we mean is that it truly requires a lot of training and devotion to get it right. It all depends on the amount of detail people want on their projects, because in rendering, “Detail is king”.

A lot of clients that come to us and ask about what traits define a “good rendering”. We have always been extremely open with our clients because tu us they are more like partners than plain clients. At the end of the day, we are both working as a team to develop the selling tools to close more deals. So it's not unusual to hear about how “a friend of mine told me that renders should be...” type of stories. This is often related to offers from other rendering agencies which is completely fine. Whatever works better for the firm, we get it.

So when these doubts come on board, we lay the answer right on the table:

“If you are thinking about paying cheap for a render… just make sure it doesn't look cheap”. This shocks them a little bit and it's no surprise. Whereas you work for an architectural firm, you are a product designer or a Real Estate developer, if you are using renders to pitch your projects to your clients then you know how important it is to get them right. We don´t want to sound mean but if your renders look cheap… You and your company look cheap as well.

As 3D and Virtual Reality experts, we would like to present you a practical list of how to identify Cheap rendering. Hope it helps:

Bad shaping: Do you remember those first 3D cartoon shows that looked cool back in the day but where all edgy? Well, you don't want your renderized bedroom to look like that. Furniture should look like furniture. Every single element should be well designed and crafted with excellent quality.

Wrong texture: How is your client supposed to love the house you are building for him if the shelves don´t look like wood and the walls feel plain and dull? Texturing is a big deal when it comes to immerging your client to a close-to-reality experience. If they don't believe it, they won't buy it.

Poor lightning: The balance between shadows and light bring to life a renderized space: Reflections over mirror like surfaces, a lamp beams it´s light on the desk inside the studio, the color of the sunset coming inside the window...These are just a few examples of how near perfection your renders should be.

Temperature: A room can be warm or cold depending on the colors of the details we apply to it. Render designers can set a very specific temperature to the space. The architect must have a vision of what mood should the room stand for and the render must be able to communicate it.

Remember that 3D World Renderings purpose is to connect to your clients dream space, to help them see what they will get. They are not buying the house… they are buying how they will feel inside the house, and it's the job of the 3D World Renderings team to help you achieve that. If you want to get more info about how good our 3D renderings really are, contact us and we will happily give you more details.

VR: The top trend in Architecture, Design and Real Estate Development

Do you remember those vintage sci-fi shows where characters transported to different planets through devices or beams from their motherships? Did you ever wish that kind of technology would exist at some point? To be able to teletransport into a different space in a blink of an eye? Well, in case you haven't noticed, that tech is already here! At least in the visual aspect.This is the soul of VR: To swap worlds through a headset and when it comes to architecture, design and real estate development, it really has been a game changer. Why? Because for the first time in decades, professionals of the area can show their clients how they pictured their projects before they were made.

No more scale models, no more explaining through simple building plans. Just showing through a headset is a powerful thing. When we perceive the space around us through our senses, then we get to understand it. This is the reason VR became such a trendy tool for the architectural business. Architectural design has always been a discipline filled with challenges while presenting one´s vision. VR solved all that. More and more architecture firms around the world are adding 3D and VR development to their standard process. They discovered the more potential buyers tested their projects through this tech, the more deals they closed.

At the present time, VR have 2 main applications. These depend on whatever need a certain firm wants to address:

1.- Representing unbuilt architecture in fully immersive digital tours so designers can lead their clients into experiencing the halls, corridors, rooms and how the final project will look and feel when its finished.

2.- Capturing real structures, buildings and places so that the users can experience them virtually. This comes extremely handy while presenting a certain facility at conventions or generating dynamic reports of how it works at real time.

For the untrained eye, VR tours can look and feel like real life meaning that lighting, shadowing, dimensioning and spacing are all elements taken under consideration in order to cause real emotions in the user. The craziest thing about this tech is that it's still on development. As years keep passing by, the programs used to generate the digital renders will keep getting sharper and more complex, meaning that even when we got to the point where VR tours seem to be a concept brought from sci-fi, we haven't seen anything yet.

As a team of specialists in 3D and VR experiences, 3D World Renderings is looking forward to keep updating and promoting this deal closer tool for every architect, designer and Real Estate developer who wants to stay above its competitors and to deliver a mesmerizing service to its audience.

If you haven't modernize the pitch and sale process of your firm, talk to us and we'll explain you how to do it with the best 3D Rendering.

How Renders changed the course of Architecture and Design Forever

There's no going back and those are amazing news! Not too many years ago, architecture and design were a completely different kind of business. If you are an architect, perhaps they taught you in school how to build handmade scale models of your projects. Did you used to end up with sticky fingers because of the glue? Remember holding your breath to prevent the first sticks from falling? We won´t say it wasn't fun. It was school after all and we had to learn the basics. But do you believe architects had to do all that to pitch their projects to their potential clients?! It was no homework assignment, we mean “Real Life”! They used to spend night after night at the office or garage, with rulers and protractors, measuring and drawing and gluing… Wait. Don´t tell me you still work like that!

Rendering is the new thing! Well, not so new anymore (it has been around for a couple of years now) but the tech keeps advancing and getting more and more detailed, to the point that it's almost hard to distinguish a renderized room than the real thing. 3D modeling has changed the rules of the game for many industries including: product design, real estate and obviously architecture and interior design. Why was it such a mold breaker? Because it allowed clients to feel, to size, to clearly visualize their projects before they were even started!

Present time technology allows render artists to be as close to reality as they want. Some rendering traits include geometry, viewpoint, texture, lighting, and shading; just to mention the most basic ones. With this, the artist has the opportunity to translate whatever it is on his mind and show it to his buyer. This also allows changes to be made quickly on the digital platform and not the real product, which makes it way easier for the builder to create exactly what the client wants to see. Bulletproof projects: That is what we do!

3D World Rendering is a digital creative studio based in New York and we LOVE the look on the faces of our clients and associates when they first peek on our screens or put on a VR set and see how their projects come to life. That is exactly how we want your clients to feel: Overwhelmed! In case you haven't realized how passionate we are towards rendering, we would like to share with you the TOP 4 features of rendering that we love the most:

It's fast: It depends on the size of the project, of course, but all of our projects come out of the oven ready to be served on the scheduled day. We know our tools and craft, which allows us to be certain of the time it's gonna take to deliver.

It's practical: No more sticky fingers. We only need the help of our always trusty computers. Every aspect of the render requires a specific software. We always use the best of them to get the results our clients deserve!

It's immersive: You are inside the room, ain't that crazy? You can actually picture yourself laying on bed with a cold one in your hand. You can feel how the lights will hit and how the carpets will look. There's no better way of pitching a project.

It's emotional: You get your clients hyped! That's the dream, right? Once your clients begin to imagine how they will feel in the new living room, watching TV with their kids and having the dog running around the place. How many parties are they going to have in that elegant dining room, how good life is going to be once the house is ready… Friend, you got yourself a sale.

We truly hope this short and sweet list helps you realize the importance of renders in present time architectural industry. If you have any questions of how you can use a render to escalate your closed deals, contact us to hire 3D Rendering Services and one of our team members will reach you. Change the course of your business too!

Guide to become an Amazing Architect in New York

Go BIG or go home! That is the NY law. Every architect would love to leave his mark in one the most beautiful, important, and hot cities of the globe… If not “the” most. That is not an easy task though. Actually, only a few privileged get the chance to do so. If you are not from around, the myths are true: New York is indeed a concrete jungle and if you are not ready for it, it will eat you alive. But if you are a Yankee brother then you know better than anyone that when it comes to the design/building business, you gotta be the very best, the master, the artist… the legend.

Alright then. I was listening to some epic soundtrack while I wrote that BUT that doesn't make it less true. To be a well-positioned architect requires a very specific set of skills. Some of them can be taught and learned but some others, you gotta be born with them. But to be a well-positioned architect in New York, that is something else. This city is mad! If you could turn it into a character, it would definitely be the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Always rushed! With a big clock in his hand, in need to do everything and to be everywhere. This also includes your future clients: They got no time. You got a minute (if you are lucky) to pitch your project and to get them in love with it.

If I had to pick the most challenging part of New York´s architectural industry, that would be the competition. Like you, there are hundreds of great solo professionals and famous firms that would like to take a chomp from the Big Apple. So if you are planning to design and build a house, an apartment or even a whole building do realize that there will be many others applying for that same project. That is why your vision has to be outstanding but practical, simple but powerful, magnificent but not too pricy... Can you do that?

This might sound like a lot but I know you don't get scared that easily. You will do it and we will help you. The 3D World Renderings team is always rooting for those who have the goal of becoming an amazing architect. That’s why we want to share with you a quick guide to be a hit at New York:

1.- Be Professional: Dress like one, talk like one, charge like one. Do some research of the top firms and well known architects out there. Study what they do and how they do it and compare their tactics with yours. If you find out a way to improve by doing this, apply it.

2.- Fetch the ball: This means that you should be ready to negotiate. Remember how I talked about competition? I wasn't bluffing. It is very common that big investors have many providers aiming to work their projects. If you are clever, you will find a way to propose a deal they won't be able to pass by.

3.-Show it to sell it: Your clients got no time, right? You only got a few chances to dazzle them. And the best and most clever way to do so is through a killer 3D rendering of your project, which allows your clients to see the final product and get a feeling about the place. There is no better way to pitch your design.

At 3D World Renderings, we specialize in aiding amazing architects to close their deals through 3D renderings and VR for architectural projects. Why does it work so well? Because you help your clients to connect to your vision: You help them see what you see.

If you are looking forward to build something spectacular in New York City, contact us and we will be happy to be part of your team with our 3D Rendering Services. Welcome to NY!